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EKPHRASIS (orig. Greek: “ek” — out; “phrasis” — to speak) is the art of using words to describe something beautiful, usually visual art. EKPHRASTIC ASSIMILATIONS is an interactive project designed to bring together poets, artists and art-lovers of all kinds from China and the United States. The artworks were created by six Chinese and six American artists, many of them explicitly for this project. We invite you to follow these links to find the ekphrastic poems, written in either Chinese or English, behind each image. If so moved, please contribute your own poems to our Ekphrastic Assimilations project. All images and poems will be exhibited at the VALA Art Center in Redmond, WA, in partnership with ryan james fine arts.

To view artworks scroll over the image and click the link icon 

  • Jacqueline Calladine - Moving Into the Shadow
  • Zhong Biao 钟飙 - Untitled
  • Sherri Gamble - Current
  • Lo Ch'ing (LUO Qing) 羅青 - Post-industrial Society has Arrived
  • Peter Juvonen - Tea in the Conservatory
  • LV De'an 吕德安 - Fugue
  • Peter Knox - Erolla
  • Li Li 李笠 - In a Chinese Temple
  • Joan Stuart Ross - New Weave Repertorie III
  • Yan Li 严力 - Cat's Imagination
  • William Turner - Birdland
  • Yang Xiaobin 楊小濱 - Pace-ism
  • Jacqueline Calladine - Side Swipe
  • Zhong Biao 钟飙 - untitled
  • Sherri Gamble - La Loba
  • Lo Ch'ing (LUO Qing) 羅青 - World of the Internet
  • Peter Juvonen - The Jester's Dream
  • LV De'an 吕德安 - The Great Return
  • Peter Knox - Sinfona
  • Li Li 李笠 - Locus
  • Joan Stuart Ross - Tiers
  • Yan Li 严力 - Self-thinking
  • William Turner - Checkmate
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