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Joan Stuart Ross – New Weave Repertorie III

China Joan Stuart Ross New Weave of Repertoire III_sm

Oil, encaustic, collage on canvas mounted on wood – 46″ x 46″

Available for purchase

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By LV De’an


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    His world was one of notes:
    scrap paper
    the backs of envelopes
    the margins of newspapers

    stuck to walls and mirrors
    stacked on tables
    strewn about the floor
    torn and folded

    reflecting the chaos of the mind from which they sprang
    taming a maelstrom of

    phone numbers
    reading lists
    creative storms

    tangled threads lacking shape or cohesion
    yet embodying their own unique order

    The spaces they framed
    were simply ideas yet to be given seed or form

    and now exist only in photographs and ash
    and, occasionally, between cotton-ball clouds in a blue sky

  • Her Artist’s Life

    Book pages creased, not read,
    trail of slippers, robes and wires,
    traversed each night
    before the reader goes to bed.

    Day’s events reveal the blur,
    shear distance from the past to now;
    expose the she that’s her–
    small events occur.

    Earthworms crawl;
    weed and artichoke
    cover open ground
    where petals fall.

    Fine hairs grow thin;
    cat’s ears turn bald;
    paw’s fur hides tender
    bone that’s underneath.

    In all the spaces–signs–
    she makes her mark–sums up;
    she finds there are no answers,
    just the lack between the lines.

  • Joan’s Painting

    I want to see light fall
    Across the surface
    To see the side
    To see the back
    To see the door
    And enter
    I want to look out
    At the viewer
    And you step in
    And you step back
    Your eyes take in the moment
    Then I can walk in

    By Thea Peterson
    I apologize, I am a novice poet, at best
    Joan’s work never fails to amaze me,
    my response comes from wanting to see that moment
    when one becomes aware of what the art piece is saying to them.

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