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  • Michael Heavener
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    In.And Out

    Distance can be deceptive.
    There a mountain stands above a door.
    Here a waterfall frames planes of gray
    As frothy clouds obscure the bricks.

    Jagged lines score the sea;
    Separating sky from sky.
    Time stands still as shape echoes shape
    Until repetition eclipses time.

    Where is the line where West
    Is kept from spilling over into East?
    Does that energize the Oriental peace?
    Or bring rest to the industry of noise?

    The eye takes crazy lines
    And following them
    Attempts the suicide
    Of making sense
    Where none was ever implied.


    My cat makes noises
    at the end of the hallway
    at her feet is a creepy monkey-bear thing—
    or maybe it’s a sandal
    I won’t know until I flip the light switch

    My cat was surely
    nowhere near this particular scene—
    but there is the sandal
    cut out picture perfect from the catalog
    afloat in this twisted vista

    The world has been brought closer together
    seaside and mountainside collapse on a plane
    Palm trees anchor mountain villas
    jets fly overhead
    and there’s that damned sandal

    The fog consuming the mountain peaks
    has yet to swallow it whole
    The sailboat skims across the water, oblivious:
    skies are blue, clouds are fluffy
    jets fly safely overhead

    Above the mountains
    the sky grows dark
    stars sparkle like glitter
    amongst flecks of gold
    From somewhere comes a light…

    I forgot to close my browser
    before going to bed again
    I should remove those sandals
    from my shopping cart, at least
    I can make up my mind in the morning

    (28 October 2016)

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