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Zhong Biao 钟飙 – untitled

Acrylic on paper – 36″ x 48″

Available for purchase

After your guitar solo,
Slide down to the cobblestones
For a barefoot stroll,
Then slip on the talcum powder
Toward your photo session.
Disappear in a ganja cloud
To fake out the paparazzi.
Float down to the canvas,
Prepped for your imprint,
And wallow in gray scale.
The canvas tips, slipping you into
A shaft not suitable for public view.
Behind the scaffolding, you’re sprung
To the pillows, a friendly bed, but
Not a moment’s rest. Bowling ball
Bearings ease you to your office.
Update the wilderness while
Twiddling your way toward an undertone.
Your reward is loam.
Tune up among fading flowers
Before your next flight
To the spotlight.

 Raw film trailer

By Emily Dietrich

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